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What Happens When Your Basement Floods?

basement flood

Whether it's from severe weather or a busted water pipe, a flooded basement is never welcome in any home. Basements are the perfect place for mold and mildew to grow and thrive, creating a hazardous and unhealthy environment. If you're dealing with a flooded basement in NYC, you must have a mold removal company you can trust to help you out when things get soaked.

There's a lot more that happens when your basement floods than just mold growth. Dr. Mold Removal is NYC's reliable mold removal company, and we know how to make sure you get out of this situation with as little damage as possible. We've provided this article on what happens when your basement floods and what steps to take, so keep reading to learn more.

How Does Basement Flooding Happen?

A myriad of things could lead to a flooded basement. Heavy rain could cause water to get into your basement, especially if your yard has a slant. Water could build up and pool around your foundation, seeping into the structure of your home. A burst pipe or failed sump pump could cause leaks and overflows. No matter how the water gets into your basement, the most important thing is getting it out. Here at Dr. Mold Removal, our water removal services will be able to help you get the water out of your basement as quickly as possible so you can avoid even further damage.

Damage & Hazards From Basement Flooding

So what happens when your basement floods? The first and most obvious thing is water damage. Water is one of the most destructive elements on Earth, despite it being the number one thing we need most to survive! Water left for too long after a flood can cause extensive damage to flooring, appliances, furniture, electronics, and much more. Standing water is also very dangerous to your home's foundation and could even separate your structure from the foundation itself. Perhaps the worst consequence of basement flooding is mold growth.

Even if you've done your best to dry up your basement after a flood, mold can still increase. Mold can even be invisible, growing under baseboards, behind wallpaper, and beneath the carpet. It releases spores into the air that, if breathed in, can damage your health over time. When you need help with mold removal after a flood, the only name to call in NYC is Dr. Mold Removal.

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